Rientrati in Sardegna, ma l’occhio è a Cortina d’Ampezzo dove si svolge un super evento di kite  by Red Bull. Kite sulla neve of course…check this shot….non vi fa venire il desiderio?


Il delfino è un amico, come l’amico Francois Guy di Boa Vista che lo accarezza in riva al mare o come l’amico Sunstar che mi manda quest’altra foto di un un bambino che bacia il suo delfino. Enjoy,




MERCOLEDI 18 Febbraio  
CABO VERDE (West Africa) Punta Preta, Isola di Sal
PWA WORLD TOUR. Il day by day di mc Porc

FRANCISCO IN GOL, N.11 come Gigirriva.


PWA WORLD TOUR 2009 Cabo Verde World Cup wave


Francisco a Capo Verde






Open Letter to the  Sardinian Governor  RENATO SORU

By Mc Porc

Dear Mr. President,
as an American citizen born and raised in Cagliari , I would like to confess that  I’m very sorry (and worried)  about your resignation.  Unless this is a calculated move to speed up your incumbent election in a few month,  Feb-Mar  2009.
Actually,   I’m so Soru.
In the sense that I’m one of your supporters, for what you have done internationally as Tiscali manager, as well as the great impact you had in politics becoming our strong Governor.
In four years you have been upgrading our administration, updating our sistems creating digital archives and setting an example  abroad about the way to save our  treasured coasts.

 I support and will support you until you are involved in politics, mainly because I believe in the same principals regarding enviromental issues and the conservation of our territory.
Honestly, as a  Sardinian living abroad and travelling the world part of the year, I feel  
very protect   from your ‘legge salvacoste’  and the way you are defending our land, our monuments, our culture.
It’s a similiar rush  I’ve just experienced  the last two month supporting Obama for a change in America.
With you it’s  about the pryde we have as true Sardinians that loves their land.
We can ‘ spread the wealth around’ if we are able to create some wealth from our natural resources. We should drastically  switch from the dead-end chimical industry to a much needed  renewable energy industry.

We can promote year round a substainable tourism related to our nature and our culture and reduce drastically our unemployment.
More and more I feel the urge to be back and live full time in Sardinia, to help where I can, sharing the experience I’ve matured and to benefit  from this process,

A lot of my relatives and friends don’t believe in your actions, they attack me when I repeat my slogan ‘ Meglio male accompagnati da Soru ‘  and they try to convince me that you act only for personal  advantage.
I always disagree and the facts talk on your side.  

I’m  totally convinced that your main goal is to do the best for Sardinia and the Sardinian people in order to be remembered for what you have done as President and for what you will do in the next four years in Sardinia. Possibly a political administrator in Italy or Europe after that.

In this you remind me a little bit my grandpa Luigi, nonno Crespellani, which you look alike a bit phisically too.
As a little kid I was admiring his tall elegant figure, while he was Senatore della Repubblica. I was struck by his  strong cultural background and his heart for the poor people as well as conserving  good style with the VIP  and the special guests in Sardinia.
It was a different society and  a different political world 60 years ago, when he was working hard as first and honest Governor of  of the new born  Regione Sardegna.
We had the malaria and were still recovering from the II World War. The main goal back then was to bring water, streets and eletricity in all the villages in Sardinia.
Agricolture was our only skill.
Today we are involved  by a new start in a global world and even if you have
a different carachter than Nonno Crespellani, you are the man that can drive us in the new era.
Obviously in a dirt game like politics today, it’s impossible to do always well, specially in Sardinia where innovation (particularly in politic) comes slowly.
 But , if anybody, you can do it ! Don’t give up, hold your breath and start all over again.
Aloha & a si biri

Ma sigumenti mancai  ameriganu  seu prima de dottu unu sardu fieru, e mi seu arrosciu de fueddai ingresu,
di ollu nai callincuna cosa in  prusu,  si mi pirmitti Presidenti.
Seus connottus cumenti ‘centu concas centu berrittas’.
Du prefergiu una conca scetti, chi funzionara beni . cumenti cussa de fusteti, (mancai  pertiazzeddu).

Po praxieri,su Presidenti, faeis allestru. Torrandi in s’arena po accabbai sa legislatura o convocai sa prossima elezioni de pressi ki custa borta c’è de si spassai (po no prangi).
Cun rispettu
Mc Porc



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