Fede, miglior surfista italiano della storia, attualmente  tra i primi 100 al mondo, spende anche il suo tempo a insegnare agli alunni in Costa Rica. Ecco le foto e i ritagli di giornale mandati dalla zia Griet…







Costa Rica Surfer Returns Home to Motivate School Children

Pilurzu in Santa Cruz
Surfer Pilurzu Motivates High School Students to Stay in School.

During his ever-diminishing free time, Costa Rica surfer Federico Pilurzu has found the time to woo communities near his hometown in the canton of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Pilurzu, who has positioned himself as the main figure in Costa Rica surfing, is currently the only surfer from his home country to participate consistently in the World Qualifying Series (WQS), where he is ranked 85th in the world. The internationally-traveled Tico is now turning his attention homeward to help local children, when his busy WQS schedule allows.


This past June 20 and 22, Pilurzu participated in offering free surf lessons to 34 children in an event organized by the charity group CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents). Camera crews from Italy (RAI Uno) and England (Trans Sport World) showed up to film the activity that was sponsored by Secret Spot, Witches’ Rock Surf Camp and Agua Rica Diving.

In another effort to serve as a positive influence to Costa Rican youth, Pilurzu took part in a motivational workshops with 105 students from Villarreal and 27 de Abril in Santa Cruz. The event, which was organized by the Youth Action Foundation (FAJ), united students from three different educational institutions with the surfer who spoke about the importance of fighting for your dreams and continuing with your education.

The presentation was part of a project organized by FAJ’s Executive Director, Jose Aguilar, called “The will to the service of dreams”, which intends to combat high drop-out rates in social risk areas together with the Ministry of Social Development.

“The first part of the project consists of executing social economic studies with the help of Social Services students who are completing their Community Service requirements, in order to identify the children whose economic situation could drive them to abandon their studies,” Aguilar said.

A second initiative utilizes Psychology students who have to complete Community Service hours to offer motivation support, vocational orientation and friendship to the children in their 9th and 10th years of school. The goal again is to teach these students the importance of continuing with their education and how it ties in to their goals for the future.

“The intervention of Federico in this phase of the project was strategic,” Aguilar said. “We know that he is an idol in this part of Guanacaste where surf is very important, so when the children have the opportunity to hear the words of a young, positive leader who was able to go far to such a competitive world as the Professional World Circuit, they identify and understand that even though it is difficult, and you have to work hard, it is possible to achieve your aspirations”.

Pilurzu explained that practicing a sport at such a competitive level brings discipline, and when combined with formal studies that allow a student to develop as a human being, it can open up a world of opportunities. The students were also taught that education is a priviledge and that it is crucial to help  improve the living conditions of their families.

Aguilar said that Pilurzu and his message were very well accepted by the students who are already planning to organize a local surf tournament to collect money to help cover some of the high school’s needs.
In the past the FAJ worked on similar projects in and around San Jose, and are currently working with a total of 14 public high schools, and have plans for expansion. All of the work that the foundation does in Santa Cruz is financed by the Florida Foundation.